Eala Bhan (Scottish Gaelic for White Swan) has been providing Interim and Contract IT services locally and internationally for over twenty years.  It's time for a bit of a change.

Later this year I will take myself off into the company conference room, give myself a gold watch, a pat on the back, and crack open a Windhoek draught when I hit the witching number of 65. So whither now?

Honestly, I don't feel like going off to spend my days playing golf, "helping around the house" and quietly vegetating into an early grave.  Quite frankly, I don't think my other half wants me infesting the place all day either.  I've seen too many others gradually fade away when the mental stimulus of work is removed.  Honestly, if you are fit to work at 64 years and 365 days old, what evil hobgoblin comes in the night and turns your mind to mush, so that at 65 years 0 minutes and 1 second old all you are fit for are the mindless activities of daytime TV, golf, supper at 4.30pm and bed at 7pm so as not to trouble the youngsters.   Absolute Bollocks.   Us greybeards still have a lot to offer. I'd wouldn't like to be the guy that instructs Richard Branson to shuffle off to his island and don't come back when he hits 65.

Do I look 65?    Do I look like I am about to hand my clogs in?

If you need a highly experienced Interim or Contract IT bloke for a project or just general advice and assistance give me a call on 27-82-492-1055.  or greybeards@ealabhan.co.za  Have laptop, will travel. I've worked to the sound of distant small arms fire, all environments considered.

To supplement that service, and frankly to open up alternative sources of income and keep the old grey cells ticking over, Eala Bhan is in the process of offering an online-shopping experience.

The current offerings will cover technical publications, a link with Amazon for media and lifestyle stuff, online purchase of textbooks, an online design and print your own T-Shirt store and shortly an IT hardware and software store for all your large and small IT requirements.   I will also be punting refurbished desktop and laptop/tablet equipment at very keen prices.  I'm using one to type this and have two desktops and another laptop in the office.   Quotes at refurb@ealabhan.co.za.

Pages will be appearing over the next few days to provide links to these services as I put my cap on backwards, attack a pizza and master the web-building thang. 

In the meantime, if you need a custom T-Shirt in a variety of styles and colours with your own artwork ,front, back or both, they usually cost around $17.50.  Good quality schmutter, no crap.  The range includes Fruit-of-the-Loom.  I have one myself. Drop the artwork to tshirts@ealabhan.co.za  now for a quote and delivery direct to your nearest Post Office.  

If you want to see the old website, find it here