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Over the years, I have often wondered why ICT does not provide the benefits to business that it should I believe that It's a communication thing.  ICT and Management talk past each other.


Being a technical unit, ICT proposals don't talk to management in business terms that management can understand.  Proposals concentrate on the technical elements of a project, not the business benefits.  I have seen proposal documents that devote 100 pages to technical specifications, with two devoted to costs and benefits.    A similar situation occurs with ICT presentations.


The upshot is that executives cannot understand and relate to the technical terms that ICT uses and see ICT as a cost centre and grudge expense.   They do not believe that ICT is providing value for money.  Management is frustrated with ICT, and ICT with management. 


In consultant-speak, Senior Management does not recognise ICT as a strategic enabler of technology driven business improvement.  In practical terms - Institutional Paralysis, or at the very least, frustration, delay, misdirected effort and misdirected spend.


Gartner recently said:


.......The ability to sit on the President’s Cabinet, executive committee or whatever the top policy forum is called is far more important, in that this seat allows the top ICT leader to actively engage in institutional-level discussions about strategic directions and policy and to work with other senior officers in understanding the role that ICT can play in the various functional areas................”.


That is how the gap can be bridged, by ensuring that the ICT leader is an excellent communicator, is business aware and part of the organisational strategic planning framework, and only finally, technically aware.  It is vital to have a broad-based ICT leadership able to translate organisational strategy into technical requirements, and with the business ability to assess and demonstrate  to management how technical advances can benefit an organisation.


However, not all organisations need or can afford a full-time ICT leader with these qualities.


Organisations such as Eala Bhan can provide benefit to all organisations by:

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