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Students and Employees of the Millennium Generation

It is now generally accepted that the "Millennium Generation", namely those entering further education and employment after 2000, has different needs and aspirations than those of an earlier vintage.   Traditional teaching methods and Human Resource approaches to employee retention, training and skills development are by and large less effective.

This Resource Centre, specifically directed towards the Millennium generation offers Books, E-Books, And E-Courses for economic purchase in both download and hard-copy.  They have been specifically  designed To Increase Employee Retention, Productivity, Profitability And Customer Satisfaction. 

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A Writing Primer

A Writing Guide That Empowers All Writers To Write in a Professional manner, Without Memorization, Drills, Or Tedious Exercises.   This is directed more towards aspiring Wilbur Smiths than business writers, but gives some good pointers towards writing styles.

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